About Us

Bharatgas from Bharat Petroleum has dominated the LP Gas market in India for over three decades. Today over 25 million homes in India, wake up each morning to enjoy the cup that cheers prepared on Bharatgas. Similarly, hundreds of commercial and industrial establishments start their day, confident and secure, having entrusted their LP Gas needs to Bharat Petroleum. A pioneer in more ways than one, Bharatgas has brought many innovative offerings to the customers. To name a few:Easy access to customers through various modes including online access, Home delivery of cylinders Value added services to customers by venturing into allied business to meet consumers household needs.

LP Gas supplies through pipeline to mega residential complexes
An innovative solution to reach LP Gas supplies to rural and remote areas through the “Rural Marketing Vehicle”
Revolutionising the metal cutting & brazing industry with the new product – Bharat Metal Cutting Gas.

Bharatgas – where innovation is a way of life!!!   Various offerings are available to the different segments of customers.

To know more please visit www.ebharatgas.com